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              In 21st century fashion, I connected with Joe Diamond through the social media app, Instagram. He saw my review I wrote about the coffee and wine bar, Aroma and reached out to me. He brought up about how he had a show in the same town where Aroma was located. I have never heard of his show so I googled it before I responded again. “Mind Reader” is what came up. 

Okay, I was already intrigued. 

I messaged Joe back and I decided to go to his show in March. Everything was set up and I realized one thing: what was I suppose to EXPECT? I’ve never been to a mind reading show or a magic show or anything of the sort. I was really in the dark but one thing was for sure and that was my excitement.

Fast forward to the day of the show and I picked up my friend Mary to go with me. We left early because I have never been to the location before (which is called the Dole Mansion) and I thought I’d probably get lost, knowing me. Mary and I talked about how we both read that the Dole Mansion may be haunted but no one is really sure and we also brought up how we had no idea what was going to happen but we are both open minded people. 

I pulled up to the mansion and Mary took one look at it and yells “Okay, this place is FOR SURE haunted!” We laughed and waited in my car until more people showed up, then we set to go inside. 

Joe had the front door open and welcomed us in. He immediately recognized me and checked me in. It was kind of humbling, in my opinion, that he knew who I was! As we waited in the foyer for other people to arrive (there could only be a capacity of 13 people at each show), he talked about the history of the mansion. He did some mind reading to get us pumped up for the show and it was really cool. I felt like I officially knew what to expect, yet, he kept telling us it would get “weirder” during the actual show.

As the last people arrived, we went upstairs to his studio. It was a small room with trinkets and framed things and a shelf of books. The thing you couldn’t miss was a huge tree that was painted on the wall that was apparently there before Joe took over. There was a table in the middle of the room with keys and watches adorning it. There was a lot going on but it just...worked. Joe then told us that the theme of the show was “time”. I was READY.

I really don’t want to write about things he showed us or words he read from people’s minds because I think everyone should experience it themselves, but let me tell you, I was blown away. I usually write a pro’s and con’s list for my reviews, so here’s my list for Joe Diamond Live:


*Joe is very personable. When he talks, you feel like you guys are friends, even when he was talking about if he believed in ghosts before the show. He is also SO knowledgeable about the things he talked about. He’s had many experiences in his life and his words pull you in to the conversation.

*It lasted a little over an hour and I thought it was timed perfectly.

*Reactions from the audience were so pure. Even the girl who didn’t want to believe in any of the things he was doing really WAS stumped at the end. It was fun to experience the reactions of other people. Mary even went “oh boy” in surprise after a mind reading trick she was involved in!

*Joe offered water bottles to people before the show and I thought that was great. 

*Even though he got one name wrong during the whole show (it was me who participated, too!), you couldn’t be upset by any means because he was so close to the name plus the other factors of the show were mind blowing enough that I was not affected by that at all. 

*He gets everyone involved during the show, in one way or another!

(Here's Mary with a deck of cards she got to keep!)

(Mary and I really couldn’t think of any cons, it was so well put together. But alas, I have one):

*It was a little stuffy. BUT it was a small room AND Joe gave water bottles out. 
Other than that, it was wonderful. 

Other things I’d like to point out:

*The lights go out at the end and it’s pitch black. Be careful if you don’t like that kind of thing!

*Joe mentioned that someone has called him “demonic” before. I wholeheartedly believe that this show was so pure that there was NO sign of anyone becoming uncomfortable. I’m religious and I thought the show was amazing and didn’t affect me in that way at ALL.

*You may buy cards at the end of the show to bring home and it teaches you a little mind reading trick! I was so mad that I didn’t have cash because I would have bought them. My brother would love them, too, so all ages could learn it!


I would recommend this show to anyone and everyone who wants a fun night out and experience something a little different! This particular show, The 13th Hour, is only running until April, so get your tickets now! But his other show, Mystic, will be during the summer!

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  1. Nice review. I've been meaning to see Joe and recently talked to some smart, puzzle-loving friends who saw his Dole show and were blown away and are already planning to go to his next series.

    Keep on writing and persevering.

    Cheers, Stephen

  2. Thank you for this great review! I'm seeing Joe's show at the end of April and I appreciate getting to hear that I made the right entertainment decision. So glad you enjoyed it! I can't wait to see for myself!


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